• Need a New Mattress?

    Need A New Mattress?A comfortable, supportive memory foam mattress is one of modern life's most important items. The British now work the longest hours in Europe so a restful nights sleep is more important than ever. Continue reading

  • Choosing the Right Mattress and Bed Frame

    Chiltern Bed FrameFor a good nights sleep, you cannot discount the importance of a comfortable mattress and a decent bed frame. They work hand in hand, and one without the other is not enough to guarantee a restful night. Continue reading

  • Sleeping Well?

    Sleeping Well?There are times when, despite all your best efforts, you just cannot get a good nights sleep. Even though you are physically tired, have had your daily exercise and have exhausted your brain, you just cannot doze off. Continue reading

  • Benefits of an Adjustable Bed

    Benefits of an Adjustable BedIf you find it difficult to sleep at night or frequently wake up feeling fatigued, then you could have a problem with your bed or mattress. Most beds are a flat surface, so are not designed for adapting to the contours of an individuals body. Continue reading

  • Beds Style Considerations

    Sweet Dreams Jackdaw Wooden BedModern tastes dictate that furniture should no longer be just functional but should be stylish pieces in their own right; you might think beds are excluded from this, and are only good for sleeping in, but you'd be wrong and actually a good bed is a great way to make a style statement. Continue reading

  • What are Mattress Toppers?

    What are Mattress Toppers?How can they help me get a good nights sleep? If you crave comfort but don't want to commit to changing your bed or mattress there is a great solution. Continue reading

  • The Importance of 7 to 8 Hours Sleep!

    The importance of 7 to 8 hours sleepIt is well known that the correct amount of sleep is essential for your general physical and mental health; but what exactly is the right amount of sleep and why is that? Continue reading

  • How to Ensure a Good Night's Sleep

    How to ensure a good nights sleepFor many of us getting off to sleep doesn't happen instantaneously, and even mild insomnia can have a dramatic impact on your energy levels the following day. Continue reading

  • Divan Beds are a Popular Solution

    Divan Beds are a Popular SolutionYou mightn't be overtly aware of your bed base, and think that a bed primarily consists of a mattress but you would be wrong!

    And when choosing a bed to ideally match the style of your room, as well as provide supreme functionality, you are going to need to consider the bed base. Continue reading

  • Day Bed and a Futon - What Is the Difference?

    Day BedDay beds and futons are both distinct solutions to the same problem, and provide a living space with the convenience of a combined seating area and bed. Continue reading

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