• The Importance of 7 to 8 Hours Sleep!

    The importance of 7 to 8 hours sleepIt is well known that the correct amount of sleep is essential for your general physical and mental health; but what exactly is the right amount of sleep and why is that? Continue reading

  • How to Ensure a Good Night's Sleep

    How to ensure a good nights sleepFor many of us getting off to sleep doesn't happen instantaneously, and even mild insomnia can have a dramatic impact on your energy levels the following day. Continue reading

  • Divan Beds are a Popular Solution

    Divan Beds are a Popular SolutionYou mightn't be overtly aware of your bed base, and think that a bed primarily consists of a mattress but you would be wrong!

    And when choosing a bed to ideally match the style of your room, as well as provide supreme functionality, you are going to need to consider the bed base. Continue reading

  • Day Bed and a Futon - What Is the Difference?

    Day BedDay beds and futons are both distinct solutions to the same problem, and provide a living space with the convenience of a combined seating area and bed. Continue reading

  • Choosing the Correct Bed Size

    Double Black Leather BedChoosing a bed shouldn't be a hassle yet in today's market there is a vast choice to choose from. Once the style, shape, colour and design are selected an awareness of different bed-sizes comes into play. Continue reading

  • Choosing The Right Mattress Tension

    Mattress TensionConventional wisdom suggests that the harder the mattress, the more support it will provide for your lower back, and the for the better it will be for you generally; this, however, is not the whole story, and with the advent of ultra-modern mattress materials, such as memory foam, it is now possible to enjoy sleep that is not only super-healthy but also super-comfortable. Continue reading

  • Bed Linen Counts

    Egyptian Cotton Pillow CoversFinding the right bed or cheap mattress could be challenging. Once this is accomplished, you will have a wonderful nights sleep but to aid that further I would suggest some handy hints now and again for your sleep to be just perfect. Continue reading

  • Sleep - Don't Cram!

    Sleep - Dont Cram!A report has indicated that 'Success is down to sleep'. Although this seems obvious to most; some people feel cramming in that little bit extra when the rest of us are sleeping will enable them to succeed further. Continue reading

  • Falling Asleep Should be Wonderful

    Falling asleep should be wonderfulFalling asleep can be the most wonderful time of the day. The eyes are able to close, you can forget the world for your 40 winks and wake feeling revived to start all over again. But for some this is quite the opposite. Continue reading

  • Sleep is Vital to Survive

    Sleep Is Vital To SurviveSleep is vital to survive. Vital to continue with every day life and vital to excel where we want to excel.

    A study performed on a group of 80 teenagers aged between 13 and 18 showed that the teenagers who averaged between 8 and 10 hours sleep a night were over 70% more likely to perform at their peak the following day. Continue reading

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