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Divan Beds

We have a fantastic range of divan beds in a variety of colours, sizes and storage configurations. All of our divan bases are hand-crafted in the UK at our specialist factory in the heart of Yorkshire.


Below is a list of common bed frame terms you may find useful when looking to buy a new bed base. Understanding these terms can help you choose the best bed base for your needs.


A divan bed base is crafted from a wooden structure, covered in a layer of soft wadding and then upholstered in fabric. The base is made to the same measurements as a mattress, making them more compact than standard bedsteads and creating a beautifully clean and minimalist aesthetic. Divan beds typically comes in two parts – a solid divan base and a corresponding mattress. In most cases, the divan base is made of a wooden frame that’s upholstered with a fabric covering to conceal the basic structure. Divan bases often contain additional storage space in form of pull-out drawers to help you keep your bedroom tidy. Divan beds can also include other aesthetics such as headboards, footboards, castors and glides, which allow for ease of movement. When buying a divan, always remember, the dimensions (length and width) of the base unit will be the same as that of the mattress. Divan beds are generally sturdy, durable and robust, they don’t have any wooden slats as they have a platform top instead, which distribute weight more evenly, so they can take a little more impact compared to slatted frames.The box shape also lends itself to making the design stronger and sturdier than a traditional bed frame.


An Ottoman bed includes an integrated storage system, lifting up the base through the use of hydraulics to reveal storage space underneath. Ottoman beds tend to provide more storage capacity than divan or drawer beds since they use the entire space under the bed. This makes them incredibly useful for people that have limited space in their bedroom or want to store larger, bulkier items that wouldn’t fit in a divan-style bed. We provide heavy-duty Ottoman beds that provide the perfect balance of durability, support and style – with side and end-lift designs available to suit any room layout. Ottoman divan beds are one of the sturdiest products you can purchase and would more or less last you a lifetime with proper use and good maintenance. There are many types of Ottomans, including fabric upholstered, platform top, slatted, self-assembly and pre-assembled, so it’s always best to know which type you require for your needs. Good quality Ottoman beds are well-known to stand the test of time. Durability is as much a part of their design as their unrivalled functionality.


A fabric bed is simply a bed frame that has been upholstered using a soft material. Common materials include velvet, linen, suede, leather, and chenille, with a wide selection of colours to choose from. They’re usually finished with decorative features like embroidery, beading or button studding to add to their luxurious and elegant feel. Many fabric bed frames are usually bigger in size to the mattress as the mattress tends to sit inside the frame. Many fabric upholstered bed frames are a lot more stylish and elegant, with many offering pleasing aesthetics to give you a great looking centre piece for the bedroom. In addition to the aesthetics, these bed frames offer excellent support and great levels of comfort for many years to come.


Guest beds normally consists of a main bed and a trundle bed, which slides out from underneath the main bed. Some guest beds are highly versatile and serve as an extension of the main bed, as two separate beds or even just as the main bed itself. These aren’t the only types of guest beds around, however. Some are single beds that you can fold away when your visitor has finished using the bed. Others, such as day beds, function as pieces of furniture but fold out into a bed. In both cases, these guest beds are an excellent way to help you host visitors comfortably if you don’t have much space. They’re handy for children’s sleepovers, too. There are many different types of guest beds, ranging from self-assembly flat pack or pre-assembled divan style, below is a list of the different styles we stock:

TRIO 3-in-1 guest beds: Trio guest beds are divan-style assembled and ready to use highly flexible options that allow you to keep the bed as the main bed, extend the guest bed to form part of the main bed or transform the guest bed into two separate beds. They can also be upholstered in any fabric of your choice and can come with a headboard if required.

Wooden guest beds: These are more traditional, as well as offering you the practicality of a guest bed. You can form two separate beds or bring the bed up to sit level with the main bed.

Day beds:  These serve as a cross between guest beds and living room furniture. These elegant beds look superb in spare rooms or guest rooms. Like sofa beds, you can sit up straight on them as if they were a sofa and can then pull out the mattress to form the bed. The difference between day beds and sofa beds is that day beds often have a headboard and a footboard, giving them more support and a bed-type appearance.

Metal Guest Beds: As with the wooden guest beds, these are ideal for occasional guests or if your children have a friend staying over the night. These are usually constructed from tubular metal with a pull out guest bed that fits neatly underneath and is easy to move.


Our adjustable beds add extra comfort to the traditional sleep system. Adjustable beds are perfect for those that like to read or watch a late night movie in bed. They also help ease discomfort. We stock memory foam, latex, pocket sprung and foam adjustable beds perfect for all tension preferences. Adjustable beds come with a motorised mechanism, allowing you to raise and lower the mattress. If you struggle with back pain, poor circulation or decreased mobility, an adjustable bed may be ideal for you. If you need help sitting up or getting out of bed, simply press a button and the bed will adjust accordingly, helping you get up without having to push yourself up. Our adjustable beds also come with a range of mattress options, including different comfort ratings and spring counts so you can tailor a bed according to your needs. With the touch of a button your sleep will be completely personalised.


Wooden beds are very durable and very easy to maintain compared to other materials. Wood is traditionally the most used item for its long-lasting nature. It can withstand weather extremes as it is a bad conductor of heat. If taken care properly, your wooden bed will last for generations. Wooden beds are generally strong and sturdy, easy to clean, can be easily customised with a large range of design options, and are robust and durable, eco-friendly and sustainable as well as offering a classic and timeless style.


Metal beds are a cost-effective alternative to wooden beds. They are easy to maintain, resistant to heat and fire, available in a variety of colours, with multiple style options available. Metal framed beds are incredibly durable. While wooden framed beds can crack and splinter over time, metal-framed beds will keep their integrity for years to come. They are solid, and less prone to damage, making them an excellent investment. All of the beds we stock are designed to be hard wearing and sturdy. They’re a great choice in settings that require beds to be as robust as possible.


Our collection of faux leather beds are an ideal choice for those wanting to add sophistication to their bedroom. While being animal friendly and a fraction of the price of real leather, these are available at a competitive price. The beauty of leather is its coolness and smoothness to the touch, both of which give the fabric a real sensual feel. Our beds are covered with extremely high-quality faux leather, so there are no blemishes  and the edges are crisp and neat, it’s also really easy to clean. Any spillages simply wipe off with a wet or damp cloth, and it’s looking as good as new in an instant.


All our divan beds and Ottomans come with storage options as standard. To utilise the full space under your mattress you can have many combinations and options to suit your needs. Our divans can have four drawers, two drawers on one side or even one on each side. We even offer continental storage options for those with winged headboards and bedside tables or where your bed might be going between fitted wardrobes. The following options are available on all our divan beds:

2-drawer divan beds feature 2 integrated drawers, 1 at either side of the bed.

4-drawer divan beds come with 2 drawers at either side of the bed, making them ideal if you share a bed with a partner.

Continental, 2+2 divan beds have 2 drawers at either side of the bed but each of these is a different size. This includes 2 large drawers at the foot of the bed and 2 smaller drawers at the head, allowing enough room to open any bedside tables or pieces of furniture as you open your divan drawers.


Many of our divan beds also incorporate ottoman storage solutions. You might prefer a divan bed with just an ottoman. This includes full front-opening ottomans and full side-opening ottomans.

Alternatively, our non-drawer divan bases offer no storage solutions at all – just excellent mattress support.



Small Single = 2’6 x 6’3

Single = 3’0 x 6’3

Small Double = 4’0 x 6’3

Double = 4’6 x 6’3

King Size = 5’0 x 6’6

Super King = 6’0 x 6’6