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As you probably already know, the average person spends over a third of their life in bed. Due to this fact it is essential that you take the time to study the different types of beds and mattresses available before you rush into purchasing the first or cheapest item you see.

Here at Bedworld we know how important getting a stress free and comfortable night’s sleep is. Take a look at some of our top tips below to ensure you know what to look out for when choosing your next bed or mattress.

Think about the size of your bedroom

While this may not seem important when you are looking to improve the way you sleep. You need to take into consideration the size of your bedroom before you purchase a new bed or mattress.  If you have a huge bedroom and a small bed, why not splash out on a larger bed? This will give you more space to sleep and relax.

On the other hand, if you have a box sized bedroom, do not try to force a huge double or king sized bed in here. This will fill the room and not leave you any surrounding space for other items such as bedside cabinets or wardrobes. To relax properly in your bedroom you also need a reasonable amount of space around your bed. Creating a boxed in feel can sometimes give the impression of comfort, however this will only cause you headaches and stress further down the line.

Think about your budget

When investing in a new bed or mattress you first off need to think of your budget and how much of this you want to invest in your place of sleep. As with anything, the quality you get is the quality you pay for. Instantly grabbing the cheapest mattress or bed on the market could seem like a bargain or great idea. However, this will most likely be rough, uncomfortable, cheaply made and tacky. As above, you spend over a third of your life in bed, so why would you not want to invest a little bit more of your money to ensure this is comfortable and relaxing?

Look at the different types of bed

As you probably already know, there are quite a few different types of bed available on today’s market. This includes wooden beds, metal beds, fabric beds, ottoman beds, divan beds and much more.  The type of bed you choose is totally dependent on the style that you prefer. Most people tend to go down the divan bed route as these often come complete with a base, mattress and storage facilities. However, if you are just seeking extra storage due to low space, then I would advise in looking at an ottoman bed. These have a large under bed storage area which is perfect for storing items such as clothing, bedding and more. Your mattress then pulls down to cover this space so the items inside aren’t visible in your bedroom.

Think about your mattress

Your mattress is the part of your bed that you actually sleep on. This should be the most important and most thought about item when looking to purchase a new bed. As with beds themselves, there is a huge range of mattress available to suit all tastes and requirements.

If you suffer from back pain your best bet would be to invest in a firm or extra firm mattress. These offer supreme spinal support and will assist you greatly when sleeping. If this is not the case and you prefer comfort, a medium mattress would be the most popular choice.

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