There’s much more to buying a mattress than its size or price tag – it’s also very important to choose one that is supportive and comfortable for your body.

    It’s estimated that those who sleep for 6-8 hours a night spend roughly a third of their lives asleep – and the last thing you want to do is spend a third of your life on an uncomfy mattress.

    That’s why we’re here at Bedworld to help you find your perfect mattress and today we’re going to start with pocket sprung mattresses – a pocket sprung mattress with a unique supportive structure that gives you unparalleled comfort and a high quality sleep.

    What’s So Special about Pocket Sprung Mattresses?












    Pocket sprung mattresses are special because they have three individual layers that give you the best of both pocket and memory foam mattresses.

    The top layer is made of memory foam, which responds to warmth and pressure to provide excellent, even support for your whole body. This improves your blood circulation and relieves any pressure on your joints – ideal if you sleep on your side.

    The middle layer consists of up to 3,000 pocket springs, which are enclosed within individual fabric housing and work independently from the other springs. Each spring responds to the pressure above it and the greater the number of pockets, the greater the support.

    Finally, the bottom layer is made of reflex foam, which springs back into shape once the pressure has been relieved to maintain the shape of the mattress.

    Check the pocket sprung mattress is supporting you by lying down and sliding a hand beneath the small of your back. If your hand fits easily, it’s too soft and if it doesn’t fit at all it’s too firm. And if it’s somewhere in between – congratulations, you’ve found your perfect mattress.

    Advantages of Pocket Sprung Mattresses When Sharing a Bed

    Pocket sprung mattresses come in a range of tensions – soft, medium and firm – so it’s easy to find the right level of comfort for your body and weight.

    If you and your partner are different weights, a pocket sprung mattress gives localised support so you won’t be disturbed by your partner’s movements during the night. They also provide good ventilation so you won’t get as hot during the night as on a solid foam mattress.

  • Do Memory Foam Mattresses Actually Work?

    You’ve heard the word on the street; memory foam mattresses are the next best thing since sliced bread for a restful night’s sleep. However, despite all the hype, the main concern most people have when thinking of buying a memory foam mattress is whether or not this they live up to the hype.

    How do memory foam mattresses work?

    First off, let’s have a look at how the mattresses work their magic: viscoelasticity. This basically means that because you are sleeping on thick foam instead of springs, when you apply force, the foam returns to its former shape, whereas when you are lying on a spring mattress your body isn't as fully supported. Foam, meanwhile, moulds to your contours, which means that your body has more support and your weight is spread more evenly.

    Memory Foam Mattress






    Also, possibly the best thing about memory foam mattresses is that when you turn over, your partners side remains undisturbed due to the clever isolation of movement the memory foam provides.

    Why do they provide a better night’s sleep?

    The reason why Silentnight memory foam mattresses and the like are so hugely popular is because they are proven to help people sleep better because they are not tossing and turning, trying to find a comfortable position.

    A quality memory foam mattress will consist of high quality, high density foam, which will eliminate pressure points and possess temperature control to detect your body’s temperature, thus meaning that you don’t overheat while you sleep.

    How does this help my overall health?

    It is well known that there’s nothing better for you than a good night’s sleep, which boosts the immune system, restores your energy levels and in Science-speak, maintains our cognitive skills and brain development. In simple terms, however, it also just helps your body to recover from aches and pains caused by the daily grind whether its sitting for long periods of time at a desk, walking, exercising or carrying out manual work.

    Which is the best memory foam mattress to buy?

    Typically, all memory foam mattresses comes in a range of sizes, from single mattresses to small double, double, king size and even the super king size. The better you research your mattress and choose one that contains generous fillings and is a well-known brand, the better your chances are of getting the best mattress for your budget.

    Silentnight, Sealy and Memflex memory foam mattresses are well respected names on the market, so they are a good starting point if you’re looking to buy a memory foam mattress.  Then the second step would be to check out sizes and check for high quality materials that mould and sculpt to your body.

  • How to be Savvy with your Space, thanks to Sofa Beds

    Most of us haven’t got a huge house that we can roam around, simply adding pieces of furniture without giving a thought to the dimensions. Therefore, the importance of finding ways to maximise what space we do have cannot be underestimated.

    That’s where sofa beds come in; the perfect antidote to the problem of limited space. Whether it’s to sleep your guests when you don’t have room for a bed, or because you don’t have guests that often so could use the space that a bed would take up in a spare bedroom, or even a spare room and so want to double up your living room area as a spare bedroom in effect.


    Whatever the reason, sofa beds are undoubtedly a fantastic solution. There are a number of   shapes, sizes and styles available to suit your needs, from the Silent Night sofa bed in a traditional fabric two seater style as shown here, to more unconventional styles and even corner sofa beds.


    So no matter how your room is shaped, there will be a sofa bed you can fit in there somewhere and that will complement the style of the rest of your home.

    Single Sofa Bed

    If you’re pushed for space and just looking for room where a single person can sleep – then thankfully single sofa beds are a great space saver. Whether you choose to pop one in your living space doubling as an extra seating solution, or you add it to a spare room as somewhere to read or chill out, it is an effective way of maximising your space when you don’t have room for a double sofa bed.

    Single Sofa Bed

    Clic Clac Sofa Bed

    Clic clac sofa beds convert into a bed by pulling the seat out and pushing the back down so that the sofa lies flat like a bed. They are available in many stylish designs, such as leather or fabric and with smooth or chesterfield styles, a variety of colours and shapes to fit in with your décor.

    Futon Sofa Bed

    This type of sofa bed easily transforms itself into somewhere to sleep by simply pulling out the bed component. Complete with a foam mattress, it is just as comfortable to sleep on as it is to sit on, so it will feel practically the same and is easy to convert quickly.

    Leather Sofa Beds

    Leather sofas are hugely popular in interior design and so the leather or faux leather sofa bed offers a modern design for homes. Looking just like a regular leather sofa and offering the same level of comfort, it contains the sleeping solution underneath and easily converts for a relaxing night’s sleep that once morning comes round can be switched back into your stylish sofa.

    Leather Sofa Bed








    This Sleepynight sofa bed with a buttoned effect and luxurious fabric, also comes with chrome feet and provides optimal comfort, as this range has become renowned for.

    As well as these solutions, there are also fabric and suede sofa beds, some with or without arms, metal legs or wooden, metal or wooden frames – in other words, there are a variety of choices just like a regular sofa. Therefore, you can choose not only the size and style, but the conversion that you find easier for you, for a convenient and space savvy solution in your home!

  • Massive First Week of January Sales

    In the first week of our massive January Sale, Bedworld has some fabulous offers that you wont want to miss out on.

    We have on offer a variety of beds mattress to suite all requirements and budgets. Our offer of the week is this stylish shaker bed which is available in a variety of sizes and colours. The stylish frame features a shaker style headboard and a contemporary low foot board which will be a certain hit in any bedroom. When you purchase any bed frame through the sale period, you can save 10% on a selection of mattresses when bought as a bundle.

    A huge selection of our beds and mattresses are available with free next day delivery.

  • Mattress Sale

    The Mega Mattress Sale

    If you have been putting up with your old mattress because you are waiting for the January mattress sale at Bedworld then its now on.
    We have some amazing deals on a huge range of  cheap mattresses. The fact is its our best mattress sale ever with up to 70% OFF memory foam mattresses.
    Most of our Memflex memory foam mattresses are reduced and include free memory foam pillows worth £50.00.
    Our cheapest mattress is only £55.00 for the Single and £89.00 for a double. Probably the best offer on a pocket sprung mattress we have ever had is the Super comfort pocket 1000 only £199.00 for a double and £249.00 for the King size mattress.

    Brand Names

    Sealy Mattress Sale

    All our Sealy mattresses are on sale this year and start at only £139.00 with extra discount for the January sale event.

    Sleepeezee Mattress Sale

    Luxury Sleepeezee mattresses start at £199.00 For the Brompton back care Pocket 1000

    Simmons Mattress Sale

    One of our best sellers all year is the Simmons multi pocket mattress starting at only £149.00 for the Single but if you need a great King size pocket sprung mattress for under £200 then this is a fabulous deal at only £199.00.

    Millbrook  & Hypnos Mattress Sale

    For those who have waited for the high end luxury mattresses to go on sale then  look no further than our Millbrook and hypnos sale.
    Both brands are famous for High spring counts like the Millbrook Pocket 3000 mattress and the Hypnos bedstead Pocket  1500 Luxury mattress all these are reduced in our best ever January mattress sale.

    Sleepynight Mattress Sale

    All of our Sleepynight mattresses are reduced and make the perfect sleeping solution for and  sleepynight divan bed or  sleepynight bed frame. If you want a cheap single mattress, cheap double mattress, cheap king size mattress or even a cheap super king size mattress then this is a great time to pick up a bargain in our huge sleepynight bed sale.

    Silent Sleep Mattress Sale

    Take a look at our best selling mattress of 2012 the Silent Sleep Gold Dream £179.00 for the double size .

    Memflex Mattress Sale

    One mattress that stands out from the crowd is the Memflex talalay latex mattress. This type of mattress is not to be confused with other inferior latex mattresses. Talalay latex is the best type of latex produced and normally is very expensive. We believe that this is possibly the cheapest talalay latex mattress in the UK. We also have several great memory foam toppers and latex mattress toppers in our sale. Check out all our mattress toppers here.

    The above is just a small selection of mattresses that we have to offer and we believe that there is a mattress for everyone in our best ever mattress sale.






  • Bedworld Winter Bed Sale 2013

    Winter Sale

    The Bedworld online winter sale starts on Boxing day and promises to be our biggest and best sale ever. We have thousands of beds, mattresses and Bedroom furniture products at truly amazing low prices. This year we are also having a very special warehouse clearance sale at our central distribution headquarters in Castleford west Yorkshire WF10 1BJ. If you don't mind traveling to pick up a bargain then you will certainly not be disappointed. All the items on sale in our warehouse sale are brand new slight seconds and online returns all products will be sold as seen at cost price or less so if you want an absolute bargain then don't miss this sale and its first come fist serve basis until stocks last.

    We have bunk beds, cabin beds, metal  beds, wooden beds, Tv beds, mattresses and much more in this very special one of sale.

    We are also proud to announce the launch of our new mega web site saso shop and save online

  • Last 3 Hours for Christmas Shopping

     christmas countdown

    As the big day approaches, today is the last day to purchase a new bed frame to receive delivery before Christmas. We offer a fabulous selection of bed frames which are perfect for the whole family. Many of our children's bed frames would make a great Christmas present and are available in many styles and colours.

    If you are having guests for Christmas dinner, why not invest in a guest bed? Guest beds can be easily stored away and offer a comfortable place to sleep when required.

    So what are you waiting for? Order your bed now before it's to late!

  • Bedworld Voucher Codes

    Bedworld Discount Voucher Codes

    We are launching discount voucher codes to help our customers save even more hard earned cash. Bedworld voucher codes can be used for a limited time usually a voucher code will last for one month. please note the voucher code cannot be redeemed once you have made a purchase. Each voucher code we issue will have a different discount in pounds or percentage relating to a specific promotion.


    Check out this page to see all our up to date Bedworld voucher codes



    Voucher Code Description Discount Amount Discount Minimum Spend Valid From Valid To Status
    GEN00110 General voucher £10.00 £198.00 08/10/2012 31/01/2014 Active
    GEN00220 General Voucher £20.00 £298.00 08/10/2012 31/01/2014 Active
    GEN00330 General Voucher £30.00 £498.00 08/10/2012 31/01/2014 Active
    GEN00440 General voucher £40.00 £998.00 08/10/2012 31/01/2014 Active
  • Which beds do people buy at Christmas

    Beds For Christmas

    Its worth planning ahead if you need new beds for Christmas.

    Guest Beds

    Over the years the development of guest beds have gone from basic folding beds for one person to three sleepers with under beds that are stored underneath metal and wooden bed frames to create extra beds.

    Torronto wooden guest bed


    The choice of guest beds is endless so don't panic if you have guests for Christmas we deliver the next day right up until Christmas eve.

    Novelty beds

    One of the best presents for children is a novelty bed. Bedworld have a great selection from little princess carriage to a fire engine or F1 racing car bed, the choice is endless and is sure to make any boy or girl more than happy at Christmas.

    Kids fire engine bed


    Sofa beds

    The great thing about sofa beds is that you can use them everyday as a sofa then convert into a great sleep system for those unexpected visitors who you need to accommodate at short notice. Bedworld stock a huge range of faux leather and fabric sofa beds for express delivery.

    Faux leaher sofa bed


    The best Christmas present you could buy  for yourself

    Treat yourself this Christmas and buy yourself a luxury new bed. All your hard work this year can be rewarded with a new bed from Bedworld.

    If you really want to treat yourself then why not buy one of our superb luxury pocket sprung beds.
    Bedtime should be something to look forward to and we have the ideal Christmas present for you here, check out our luxury pocket sprung beds now.

    Treat yourself this Christmas with a luxury pocket sprung bed


  • Win This Faux Leather Bed


    This is a great chance to win this fabulous faux leather bed in white. This is a modern design with high head end and low foot end featuring ultra modern chrome legs. All you have to do is visit our face book page.

    First off, simple LIKE our Facebook page at

    Secondly, share our posts about this competition onto your timeline from ours.

    Then all you need to do is wait...

    So what are you waiting for, share and this bed could be yours. Good Luck!

    White faux leather bed

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