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Hitting your head on the pillow just right and knowing you’ll drift off within minutes is a perfect feeling and an aim for many of us.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, it’s quite difficult to achieve. With work and technology being a huge part of our lives, it begins to affect the quality of our sleep if not balanced correctly.

Bedworld brings you the top tips for achieving that perfect sleep you’ve been chasing.

Stick to a Schedule

Your body has a natural sleep-wake cycle or a circadian rhythm. Which is a 24-hour cycle in the physiological processes of living beings. Every one of us has one, not all the same which guides us through day and night.

Straying off course this inner schedule can run rampant on your sleep and affect your daily life. It’s best to stick to going to bed around the time you feel tired and getting a full 7-8 hour rest. Ensure you keep this up every night and you’ll be giving yourself the best chance at a perfect sleep.

Begin Relaxing

It’s a good idea to begin relaxing and winding down an hour or two before you intend to go to sleep. It gives your body time to wind down from the day’s activities and get’s ready to go into sleep mode.

Jumping straight into bed and expecting a quick transition sets you up for failure. Give yourself time, get comfortable and do something to keep your brain engaged as you relax.

Reading a book is a good way to relax before bed or watching the tv with the brightness lowered as to not send the wrong signals. Having it too bright can trick your brain into waking up, as the sleep cycle is deeply linked to light intake.

Reduce Caffeine Intake

This may be an obvious one but try to reduce your caffeine intake a few hours before you go to bed, the earlier the better really.

Drinking coffee or energy drinks an hour or so before will only make the sleep difficult to achieve or constantly interrupted.

In today’s world, caffeine is very hard to avoid, as the majority of us take it daily to keep up perky and active for the day ahead. Balancing it all is the key, make sure to not hamper your own abilities by having too much.

Avoid Technology In Bed

Even harder to avoid would be technology, of all forms, since it’s so prevalent in our society. Without it, most of us would be lost, not knowing what to do. But along with it comes a few downsides, one of which would be using it in bed.

Using your bed as an extension of your living room to watch the latest shows on Netflix or play a new game on your games console only confuses your brain more and interferes with your sleep cycle. The crossing signals will lead to a disturbed and unhealthy sleep which carries over to the next day.

Best way to avoid this is to completely strip your bedroom of technology, keeping it out of reach. When you’re going to bed, make sure that you’re intending to take nothing with you. That way, you can set your focus on getting a good night’s rest.

Change Your Environment

Some people find that changing your bedroom and the environment around you can help substantially when it comes to getting a perfect sleep.

Changing the lighting, the decorations or even the bed itself can add to the quality of your sleep. Everybody is different, so it’ll take some brainstorming to find out what works well for you but exploring that as an option always smart..

Something that could be considered in this would be the room temperature. Constantly changing the room temperature in sync to the weather and the changing seasons can assist you. Nothing is worse than having a stuffy bedroom or arctic bed. Keep on top of the temperature and your sleeping problems will disappear.

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