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Joseph Quilted Pocket Memory Pillow Top Mattress

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Product Overview

A sumptuous addition to the Joseph collection of mattresses comes the Joseph Square Quilted Pocket Series 3000 Memory Foam Pillow Top Mattress. The sumptuous mattress features a high-count pocket spring system. Each single pocket spring is able to move and react to your own body’s movement to ensure you are fully supported from head to toe. Wool fillings and hypoallergenic fillings top the springs which brings irresistible comfort. The 12″ deep deep quilted mattress is completed with a luxury damask fabric along with extra edge support. Turning handles and side stitched borders complete the pillow top mattress.

The high-density memory foam pillow top will soften with reaction to body heat, returning to its original shape once the pressure is removed, memory foam is also renowned for helping you to maintain a correct posture and align your spine horizontally when lying on your side, the memory foam is hypo-allergenic which helps keeps the mattress free from any dustmites.

The unique square quilted pattern will add even more comfort to the mattress with the extra deep padding used to quilt the mattress.