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Smart Plus Memory Foam PillowTop Mattress

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Product Overview

This deluxe deep pillowtop mattress sets the standard for comfort and quality and allows the memory foam to outline the shape of your body, making it easy to minimize the tossing and turning during sleep. The key design feature is the comfort layer of sensitive pressure-relieving memory foam and cool gel material. The open cell structure allows air to circulate freely through the mattress making it a comfortable sleep in all temperatures. With a ultra soft cover this mattress is for the person looking for the ultimate mattress in luxury appearance and comfort.

Memory foam mattresses are designed to contour to your body’s shape for support and pressure relief. Memory foam mattresses are quite popular, with many reputable companies providing them as an option.

We recommend memory foam if you want something soft that cradles you, or if low motion transfer is important to you.

Memory foam mattresses have an illustrious history. NASA researchers have worked tirelessly to design improved protective cushioning for passengers and pilots originally developed memory foam in the 1970s.

Benefits of sleeping on a memory foam mattress.

Memory foam mattresses offer a soft feel so If you want cushy, memory foam may be a good choice.

Memory foam mattresses mould to your body. Memory foam is famous for contouring to hug your body. It also regains it’s shape once you move around.

Memory foam mattresses provide motion isolation. Memory foam absorbs movement, which may be useful if you share your bed with a partner or pets.

Full-body support.

Optimal pressure relief.

Excellent spinal alignment.

Healthy weight distribution.

Temperature regulation.

Naturally hypoallergenic.

Great durability.

No roll-together.