Pocket Sprung Mattresses

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Pocket Sprung Mattresses Next Day Delivery

A pocket sprung mattress utilises many separate springs, unlike a traditional sprung mattress that contains one single piece of metal to create all the springs in the mattress. This offers the best in both comfort and support; each individual spring supports a part of the body independently from the others; co-sleepers feel very little movement from their partners. The weight of the sleeper's body is evenly distributed, the spine's natural alignment is not altered and each part of the body is supported perfectly.

The added benefit of pocket sprung mattresses is that they are ideal for adjustable beds - the springs move independently and do not affect those around it, so the mattress is inherently malleable. The Pocket Sprung Mattress by Sleepy Dreams offers the best in an adjustable pocket sprung mattress with the comfort of 5 centimetres of memory foam. Available in small single, single, small double and double, delivery is free to any address in the UK.

The Latex Dream 3000 Pocket Sprung Mattress is manufactured by the appropriately-named Silentsleep. 3000 individual pocket springs provide the ultimate in support for any weary body, and 25mm of latex ensures that you'll not only remain cool on the warmest evening, but you'll be sleeping on comfy cloud nine all night. Air vents guarantee no moisture or allergen build up and you can easily flip and rotate your mattress as needed with its flag-stitched handles.

Reylon Pocket Sprung Mattresses deliver exceptional support with 2400 springs in a 5 inch mattress, an anti-allergenic layer, wool tufts, four rows of side stitching, padding that includes cotton felt, hand-teased lambs' wool and hand-teased horse hair, handles that are upholstered to blend in with the mattress itself and silver+ ticking. If that's not enough, it is available in soft, medium or firm support levels and in single, small double, double, king size and super king size. Delivery is free when you order online today from Bedworld.net.