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Well-Being: Mattress for Health

If most of us do things right, we need at least seven to eight hours of sleep a night. Of course, many of us get much less than that, and the sleep we do get may not be the best it could be.

The fact is, you need to sleep enough for good health, and that sleep needs to be deep, restful, restoring sleep. One of the major problems with getting a good night's sleep may be the quality of your mattress.

If your mattress is lumpy, old, too hard, too soft, or just "not quite right" for you, you're depriving yourself of a good night's sleep for no good reason.

Choosing a good mattress

Good Mattress
Choosing a good mattress is one of the most important things you'll ever do, because the mattress you sleep on literally impacts your health either positively or negatively.

Choose the wrong mattress, and you negatively affect your sleep time, both in length and quality. That, in turn, impacts your health in bad ways, too. By contrast, choose a good mattress, and you could literally add years to your life.

Getting a good night's sleep every single night so that you always feel rested not only significantly cuts your stress and makes you less prone to accidents and other things that tired people simply do all the time; it also actually lowers your levels of stress hormones and can make you less hungry, too, so that if you need to lose that potbelly, you can.

So getting a good night's sleep on a good mattress can also be a question of appearance. Get enough sleep, and you'll be much more likely to be slim and trim.

Another point in regard to new versus old mattresses is that mattresses simply wear out, even when you buy a good one. Forget "20 year warranty" claims on most mattresses.

In fact, you should be replacing your mattress every 10 years or so for best effect. Now, if you think that's not very long, stop for a minute. You're on this piece of furniture every night, and you literally spend about a third of your life on it.

How long with a mattress last?

How long do you really expect it to last? No other piece of furniture gets as much use as your mattress does. So make sure you replace it every 10 years or so, even if you really do have a "good" mattress. The fact is, even good mattresses wear out.

When it comes to choosing your mattress, that's another important point. Don't just walk into a store, point to something and say, "I'll take that one." Although it's a great idea to buy your mattress online (you'll save a lot of money that way), you still need to go to a regular store to check mattresses out and choose your brand and level of firmness.

Don't be afraid to spend a lot of time in the store simply lying on mattresses to see which one fits you best. After all, you're going to have it with you every night for the next 10 years or so.