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TV Beds

New York TV Bed

Unbelievable but true TV Beds are available, what next? You can now have a leather bed with a plasma television in the foot end of the bed.

By a simple remote control the TV raises up out of the foot board high enough to watch TV in bed. These beds are new to the market and we can see more development soon as more bed manufacturers jump on to the TV bed band wagon.

These clever beds incorporate a compartment at the side of the bed to house your CD, DVD player or games consul. If you ever buy your kids a TV bed then they will probably never get out of it if you keep feeding them.

What next a bed with a PC. Now there's an idea. I do think that these new TV beds will develop further very quickly to feature benefits like adjustable beds lift up recliner beds to make the potion better when watching the TV.

At the moment to watch TV in bed you have to use pillows to prop yourself up to find the right position. For the Children's TV bed of the future who knows. keep the food coming mum.