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Tiger Woods Sleeps on Air Mattress

We have all read the papers, seen the news bulletins and know it is no secret that Tiger Woods has had a or a string of high profile infidelities but apparently it is his sleeping arrangements that are making the headlines this week.

It has been reported that the golfer apparently took cover at a property owned by fellow golfer Mark O'Meara during this time of revelation yet the property itself was rather bare. According to Us Weekly, the house has been stripped to the bare essentials.

"The house was gutted except for an air mattress, some pillows, a TV, snacks and Bud Light in the fridge, and a golf glove on the floor." said a source close to the star.

The golfer has not been seen in public since his car crash but it was revealed that Tiger donated $3 million to the relief efforts in Haiti following Tuesday's devastating earthquake.