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The Ottoman vs Drawers in the Battle For Storage

Bali White Ottoman BedIn today's current climate buying a house with ample amounts of space is a lovely idea but that's generally all it is 'an idea'. What we are usually loaded with on the reverse is a beautiful house whereby space is at a premium and storage is a luxury.

Many use the option of storing belongings underneath the bed but this can become messy and un-organized.

Beds with built in storage are the answer to this solvable problem. Whether its a bed with drawers or an ottoman bed there's a suitable suggestion for everyone.

There are many options when it comes to beds with drawer storage, 2 or 4 drawers built into the base, sliding storage, end drawers and the option of small or large drawers.

Manufacturers create drawers that fit nicely

Manufacturers are now creating a drawer that fits nicely beneath your bedstead in the gap to store away all the unwanted clutter around the room. This is usually created in the same wood as your bedstead to match and continue the colour/wood scheme of the room.

Enter the cheap Ottoman bed. This little beauty holds around 4 times the amount of storage space than a normal divan bed and with its easy access to the storage it cures the problem of not being able to open certain drawers if the bed is against a wall.

The system lifts the top of  the bed allowing you to store away using the entire divan base for storage. This sounds like a dose of heavy lifting but most models are now fitted with a device that allows you to easily lift the bed with a few fingers.

The Ottoman bed looks like a normal bed frame yet it holds a little secret called 'I'm hiding all your junk'.

Whether opening from the foot end or the side its an easy and accessible way to store away your winter clothes in the summer (although in the UK do we really get a summer?), bed linen, the kids toys or any unwanted clutter around the house.

We have many beds with drawer or Ottoman style storage to choose from at an unbeatable price. For a quick and easy process to find the perfect cheap bed for you.