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The Adjustable Bed

Adjustable BedMany see a bed as a piece of equipment that aids the necessary act of sleeping but the adjustable bed is more a mini home!

Not only can you catch your 40 winks but due to its movability you can read sitting up in bed, watch TV a little elevated in bed and even have breakfast and work on your laptop a great deal easier than on a normal flat bed.

Adjustable beds play a vital role in the health care needs of people around the world.

Over the past few years adjustable beds have becoming increasingly popular moving into more homes after their birth of use in hospitals due to their comfortability factor. They are key to keeping patients comfortable in both the hospital and the home.

At the touch of a button the bed manoeuvres up and down. Moving into positions that support your head, neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, hips, thighs, legs and feet. The muscles relax and the blood circulation is increased and regulated.

Styling choices range from a traditional divan right through to contemporary bedstead  adjustable beds. Some even incorporate massage units as an optional extra.

They come available as a single bed or as a double with individually adjustable halves, these beds either feature flexible laminated slats or fully sprung upholstered sections.

Some models have five or more individually adjusting sections – for neck, head, upper body, legs and feet; other models might only adjust the head and feet; or even just the upper body.

All of the beds have at least some basic features before adding extra features to specifically suit your needs. The basic features typically include metal frames, remote controls and  built in safety features.

Higher end beds can also be upgraded to have a built in massage as an extra feature. Massage features can vary from strength to strength and can enhance relaxation and prompt a deeper more rested sleep.

As well as built in massage you can also choose to have integrated heaters in some models. These are designed to aid muscle relaxation and tension relief.

Many manufacturers make adjustable beds and each is different. Before buying an adjustable bed, ensure that you have done your research and feel you have the selected the best quality that you can afford.

The choices that each company provides differ widely from one to the other. Whilst most companies share the basic features of an adjustable bed they will differ through their choice of extra unique features. These unique features are what makes each company stand out from its competitors.

Personally I feel if I had an adjustable bed I would probably not leave my house, no lets change that my room! It's just a shame they don't have a fitted laboratory and fridge attached to the side!!