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  • Best mattress for bad backs

    Bedworld have developed two unique mattresses that are ideal for people with bad backs.
    Both mattresses are classed as firm orthopaedic but with added features to give extra support in the middle section of the mattress and on the outer edge of the mattress.
    The middle of the mattress has been re-enforced with four flat metal bars running from edge to edge this creates a much firmer support for the middle and bottom of your back. Around the edge of the mattress we have added extra firm hinges that stop the mattress sides collapsing under pressure. By re-enforcing the inner spring cage like this the mattress will give extra support were you need it the most keeping your spinal straight resulting in a great mattress for people who suffer with a bad back.
    Our fist mattress for bad backs is the fantastic super ortho plus, prices start at only £199.00 for a 3ft single. The upgrade to the fantastic super ortho plus mattress is the Savoy 1000 super ortho pocket mattress

    Best mattress for bad backs

  • Shorty Beds, special size beds and special size mattresses

    Bedworld have established that there is a big demand for Shorty beds and special size beds. Our new range of kids Shorty beds are available in non storage and slide storage and are ideal for box rooms or were space is at a premium. Our new ranges of kids Shorty beds are available in two widths 2ft 6 small single and 3ft standard single. We have three different lengths to choose from 5ft 3, 5ft 6 and 5ft 9.

    All these beds are made in a unisex fabric suitable for both boys and girls.

    Adding to the Shorty bed range will be another category specializing in special size beds and mattresses.

    Many tall people require there bed or mattress to be extra long special size beds can be ordered in size increments of three inches with or length.

    Along with the Shorty bed, and special size beds we are also offering special height beds that can be custom made.

    Kids shorty divan bed with slide storage


  • Buy Beds Direct from Bedworld

    Bedworld have a huge range of beds in stock, this enables the customer to receive the beds direct from the warehouse for fast 24hr next day delivery. The ranges are leather beds, wooden beds, metal beds, sofa beds and many more. All sizes are in stock and are clearly displayed as next day delivery on our website. Bedworld has been online since 1999 and prides itself with customer satisfaction. Delivering beds direct from many warehouses across mainland UK helps with the logistics and planning for quick free delivery.

    chiltern 1000 pocket divan bed


  • The Olympia Faux Leather Corner Bed

    Well here comes Bedworld's latest faux leather bed design!

    The Olympia - in honour of our fantastic UK Olympic Games success.



    The Olympia faux leather Corner bed is a fantastic addition to any bedroom. It creates the perfect place to just sit up and chill or snuggle down to a good nights sleep. The extra corner head board, helps when sleeping against the wall. It can be fitted to either the left or right hand side of the bed. The bed frame is upholstered in a soft faux leather and features detailed stitching throughout the base, foot board and headboard. The Olympia corner bed has chrome legs and feet and is the most contemporary looking leather bed of today. The corner bed is completed with a slatted base to provide extra support to the mattress of your choice. Beautiful beds for beautiful bedrooms. It is exclusive to Bedworld and is presented in a choice of beautiful colours. You can also receive 15% discount of selected mattresses when bought with the Olympia corner faux leather bed. It is available in 3ft single, 4ft small double and 4'6ft double.

  • Bed Guide

    Bed GuideThe number one golden rule when purchasing a bed or mattress is that you get what you pay for and that nothing in the world of retail is free.

    The more you pay for your new bed or mattress, the better the quality will be. Continue reading

  • Bedworld Introduces New Luxury Mattress in Honour of The Queens Diamond Jubilee


    Diamond mattress

    50% customers can expect to be treated like royalty this year, thanks to the introduction of the Diamond 3000 Pocket Spring mattress , a  luxury sleep system that will have you sleeping like a king – or queen. developed the Diamond Pocket Spring mattress to mark the 2012 Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, and to honour that special occasion, will be offering the new mattress at 50 percent savings.

    The Diamond Pocket Spring mattress is one of the most sumptuous mattresses on the market today, featuring 3,000 individual pocket springs surrounded by the softest and most luxuriant padding materials. The unique construction of the Diamond means this mattress will respond to every movement you make, ensuring your sleep will be peacefully uninterrupted – and also guaranteeing you’ll wake in the morning feeling refreshed and energized.

    Unlike average spring mattresses, which may have 1,000 springs or less, the new Diamond 3000 Pocket Spring mattress features at least three times that number, providing a sumptuous sleep experience unlike any other mattress. The Diamond Pocket Spring mattress also boasts a unique blend of the finest and softest fibres to ensure comfort and resilience, as well as natural air flow to allow for maximum comfort.

    All of these features mean you can count on a good night’s sleep, one of the most important tools in managing the day-to-day responsibilities of today’s fast-paced world; in fact, scientific studies have shown that good sleep can improve attention and memory, help maintain optimal body weight, improve mood and decrease stress, and even help the body ward off illness and disease. And,'s 50 percent discount on the Diamond Pocket Spring mattress means everyone can enjoy the best night's sleep they've ever had.

    Founded in 1999, was the UK’s first online bed superstore, and the same attention to detail and unflagging customer support have helped it grow to become the leading online bed retailer in the country. To continue meet the needs of its new and loyal customers, maintains a 20,000 square metre warehouse, stocked with literally thousands of products from top-name brands, including mattresses, bed frames, bedroom furniture, headboards and bedding. And, offers next day delivery on all its in-stock products, as well as an additional discount on select purchases when a bed frame is included.

    Visit today to reserve your Diamond Pocket Spring Mattress, and start sleeping like royalty tomorrow.

  • New Beds Planned in London Hotels for 2012 Olympic Games

    London Olympics 2012


    All eyes will be on London this summer for the 2012 Olympic Games. Many of the city's hotels and guest houses will be the temporary accommodations for spectators, journalists, coaches and athletes from all over the world. New beds will be purchased to impress guests and make their stay comfortable. Choosing the right number, size and style is critical when buying beds and bed frames.

    One of the most important considerations for the guest house owner or hotel manager is how many beds to buy. Carefully measuring each room is a good start. What size beds to put in each room will dictate how many to purchase. King, queen and double beds can sleep one to two guests each. They are much wider than single-occupancy twin beds, creating a more luxurious and comfortable sleeping experience for guests.

    Two to four guests to a room with queen or double bed frames is the industry standard. Decorating with twin or bunk beds bed frames is the clear choice when the goal is to fit more people in each room. Bunk beds bed frames accommodate twice as many people in the same amount of space as twin bed frames. Guests on a budget or teammates traveling together will appreciate fitting more people in fewer rooms to lower their expenses.

    Mattress Firmness
    The thickness and firmness of the mattresses will have a significant impact on comfort and restfulness while guests are sleeping. Firm mattresses are the most popular and are often recommended by medical professionals for those with back problems. Soft mattresses provide less back support.

    Two popular types of bed styles for London hotels and guest houses are the double divan and the bedstead. The double divan has a mattress positioned on top of a thicker base. The bedstead is more traditional, featuring mattresses on bed frames with a number of strong slats for support. Price and personal preference are usually the biggest differences in which style to choose. Bed frames should be made of sturdy material. Brass, iron, wood and metal alloys are all popular choices. Headboards should match or coordinate well with the rest of the furniture in the room.

    Using padding on mattresses is standard for any establishment with a variety of guests using the beds. A stain-proof material is preferred to help keep the mattress clean. Some businesses may prefer to use sealed plastic covers over the mattresses with soft padding on top for extra protection.

    When buying new beds, it is important that sheets and blankets fit properly. The guest house owner or hotel manager should purchase several sets of new sheets and blankets for each new bed to give the room a feeling of freshness. Cotton sheets with a high thread count are more luxurious and will create a nicer experience for guests.

    Most local hotels and guest houses are already booked for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Owners and managers hoping to create a positive impression with their international guests are buying new beds and bedding to create clean and comfortable rooms.

  • Easter Bed Bonanza

    Easter Sale

    This year we are offering some amazing cheap bed deals over the Easter holidays. Our Memflex memory foam mattresses start from only £99.00 and we have reduced one of our top of the  range white leather beds The Amersham from £499 to £149.One of  the best buys this Easter is our king size brown leather ottoman bed at  less than half price reduced from £699 to only £249.
    Our 2012 Easter bed bonanza is our biggest and best ever. These great offers right across the store will not last so if you want to grab yourself a great deal hurry, when they're gone they're gone.

  • Sealy Support Firm Mattress

    Bedworld have a very special offer on the single, double and king size Sealy Support Firm Mattress this week. All sizes are in stock and are available for FREE 24hr next day delivery.

    The Sealy Support Mattress is perfect for providing your body with total support and help with spinal alignment. The Mattress is traditionally tufted and features Sealy's zero deflection spring system. This is an Easy to care Mattress which  does not need to be turned. Sealy are renowned to be the number one manufacturer of beds and mattresses in the world.

    Please visit our Support Firm Mattress and buy whilst in stock at these low prices

    sealy mattresses


  • NEC Interiors UK

    Yes its that time of the year again, 22-25th January 2012 at the NEC furniture exhibition. Managing Director Nigel Cairns visits the show each year to look for the latest designs from the leading manufacturers and suppliers. The Interiors UK  exhibition which is held at the NEC Birmingham is the UK's largest interiors trade show.


    Year after year, leading Brands in the UK like Sealy, Silentnight have opted out to exhibit at the show, so this year will be very interesting to see who is there and who is not. Bedworld has been retailing online since 1999 and has been the pioneer to the bed industry online. It is vital to attend the bed and furniture exhibition so that we are fully up to date with the latest technology, design, latest colour trends and most importantly securing the right price for our customers. Choose from our huge range of "beds" at

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