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When I think of outlast® I think of at long last a very similar word. Recently I visited Dubai and saw the hundreds of new developments that were been built. Immediately been the bed freak that I am I thought wouldn't it be great if I could supply all these properties with our fabulous memory foam mattresses.

Only my second thought was that memory foam would be much too warm to sleep on in a country that temperatures reached up to 50 degrees. Then I discovered Outlast® adaptive comfort®.

Not too hot...not to cold...just right®

Outlast® products all contain patented Outlast® Thermacule face change material. Thurmocules adapt to your skin's micro climate to buffer against overheating and sweating and reduces chill and shivering.

Outlast® will work continuously and when you overheat the Thermocules will absorb the excess heat. When the activity stops the excess heat is returned to you, the result? Outlast® memory foam mattresses create a comfort zone next to your body.

I myself had the problem of overheating in bed one minute I am too warm and throwing my duvet of the next minute I was too cold. Not anymore I now sleep with Outlast® as they say and I sleep more soundly resulting in a refreshing nights sleep when I awake I am ready to go.