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  • Coming Soon Sealy Geltex Beds & Geltex Mattresses in Store Only


  • Beds and Mattresses Voucher Codes


    Fantastic Savings with Voucher Codes BED015 or BED030 or BED040

    Bedworld are proud to offer voucher codes to all our customers. The voucher codes can be used towards purchases on our online bed shop. When you are in the Bedworld basket, simply enter one of our bed mattress voucher codes which will automatically deduct voucher discount off your total order.  The codes can be used on all items on Bedworld including our great selection of beds, mattresses and bedroom furniture. So go on, treat yourself and have a reward from us.

  • Hypnos - The Most Comfortable Beds In The World

    We at Bedworld are proud to announce of our partnership with Hypnos Beds.

    Hypnos beds are designed to immediately recognise your body’s unique imprint, providing pressure relief, comfort and support exactly where you need it. Each Hypnos bed is a made to measure bespoke creation with hand crafted detailing, each bed could be considered... a masterpiece.

    Hypnos is the only luxury bed company to actively supply the British Royal Family, the Royal Household and all the palaces. A Royal Warrant from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II provides Hypnos with a ‘mark’ of excellence and reinforces Hypnos’ reputation for the very best of British quality. Continue reading

  • Bedworld New Showroom

    Ground floor bed showroom Our divan beds are so comfy





    New Bedworld Mega Showroom Now open

    Bedworld are proud to introduce our brand new bed showroom. If you're looking for a new bed, mattress or bedroom furniture set, we are guaranteed to have something to suit all your requirements.

    All our beds and mattresses on show are available to lay on. we understand that some people may want to try before they buy, so we encourage you to come and put your feet up to ensure you are buying something which is perfect for you.

    We strive to offer a huge selection of choice, which is why we have 100s of items on show ranging in type, price and quality. we have teamed up with some of the UK's leading suppliers to bring you some of the latest trends and technology in the world of beds.









    Our new showroom has two floors packed with beds mattresses and bedroom furniture. Recently we have introduced the full range of Alstons sofa beds with over 200 different fabrics to choose from.

    Regardless of were you live in the UK why not visit the new Bedworld showroom in Castleford you are sure to receive a great welcome and speak to people who really know about beds.

    We look forward to seeing you.

    The Bedworld Team.

  • Massive First Week of January Sales

    In the first week of our massive January Sale, Bedworld has some fabulous offers that you wont want to miss out on.

    We have on offer a variety of beds mattress to suite all requirements and budgets. Our offer of the week is this stylish shaker bed which is available in a variety of sizes and colours. The stylish frame features a shaker style headboard and a contemporary low foot board which will be a certain hit in any bedroom. When you purchase any bed frame through the sale period, you can save 10% on a selection of mattresses when bought as a bundle.

    A huge selection of our beds and mattresses are available with free next day delivery.

  • Bed Guide

    Bed GuideThe number one golden rule when purchasing a bed or mattress is that you get what you pay for and that nothing in the world of retail is free.

    The more you pay for your new bed or mattress, the better the quality will be. Continue reading

  • Outlast the solution for a better sleep

    Many people go to bed on a night and just can not sleep. One of the main reasons is either too hot or too cold in bed. This means tossing and turning all night long, throwing the duvet on or off to cool down or warm up.
    If you are sleeping on a mattress that contains standard memory foam then the heat problem will be ten times worse. The problem with standard memory foam is that it is not breathable so any heat from your body is absorbed into the memory foam causing you to overheat and probably sweat. Now there is a solution for overheating in bed.


    Outlast has been awarded the prestigious seal of approval by NASA in the USA. To obtain this approval any product has to be revolutionary. Astronauts use the outlast material in there space suits to keep there body at the correct temperature so using outlast in bedding to keep you at the right temperature while you sleep seems to be the perfect solution.

    With outlast bedding if you get too warm it cools you down and if you get to cold it warms you up.

    not too hot. not too cold. just right.
    Outlast Logo

  • Guide to Ottoman Beds

    In today's current climate buying a house with ample amounts of space is a lovely idea but generally all it is 'an idea.' What we are usually loaded with on the reverse is a beautiful house were by  space is at a premium and storage is a luxury.

    These ottoman beds hold around 4 times the amount of storage space than a normal divan bed or if your like me even more as 2 of the drawers in my divan are against a wall and therefore are not really helping me when I need to grab that change of linen stored away as I have to move the great lump of heaviness to open the bloody thing.

    If you saw the size of my little frame you'd understand why that in itself is an amusing little charade and really understand why I myself should purchase an Ottoman Bed. (Note to self. Buy Ottoman Bed ASAP!)

    The Ottoman bed looks like a normal bed yet it holds a little secret called 'I'm hiding all your junk'.

    Whether opening from the foot end or the side its an easy and accessible way to store away your winter clothes in the summer (although in the UK do we really get a summer?), bed linen, the kids toys or any unwanted clutter around the house.

    Forget Note to Self, Note to you...Go buy yourself an Ottoman Bed and be a happy bunny with all the extra space you have created hiding all your extra bits and bobs!

  • Mattress Mayhem

    Although it is important to choose the right bed frame it is just as or if not more so significant to choose the right mattress.

    Whether you want to feel as though you are sleeping on a pile of pillows or a hard floor differentiating the mattress tension is vitally important to your nights sleep but be aware that what is soft to one person maybe firm or medium to another.

    Some people like firm mattresses others like soft mattresses, so which is right and which is wrong? It is all a matter of the individuals opinion.

    One thing is for certain, investing in the best quality mattress that you can afford is crucial as you will be spending one third of your life on it! Continue reading

  • GMTV - The Bed is for Sex or Sleeping

    Today GMTV interview about sleep disorder claimed that the bed is for two things. Sleeping and Sex. Continue reading

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