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Improve Your Sleep with a Memory Foam Mattress Pad Topper

Mattress topper


Although traditional mattresses are extremely popular, bedding made with memory foam is becoming increasingly popular. Memory foam is made out of visco elastic, which is temperature sensitive and conforms to the body.

While many people find memory foam extremely comfortable, purchasing a mattress is not the only way to enjoy some of its benefits. You can also purchase a mattress pad topper.

Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress Pad Topper

A memory foam mattress topper enhances the comfort of a worn mattress making it easier to fall asleep. The visco elastic material helps ease back pain and reduces headaches. The foam conforms around the body and also alleviates arthritis.

A pad topper repels dust-mites, which can irritate people with allergies. Toppers can extend the life of your mattress or enhance the comfort of an older mattress. Place one on top of your mattress and it will provide extra padding.

Selecting a Memory Foam Mattress Pad Topper

Memory foam mattress pad toppers are perfect for the budget conscious person who wants to improve his comfort without splurging on a new mattress.

Bed World offers quality toppers at reasonable prices. Less expensive pad toppers are about 2 inches deep, but superior ones are thicker and will provide better support and durability.

Consider the density of the mattress pad topper before purchasing it. A denser topper will be more comfortable and mould around your body better. Heavier toppers will retain their shapes better because the foam will bounce back when pressure is no longer on them.

Our Memflex mattress topper is 5cm thick to improve your sleep. The foam pad conveniently fits on any mattress and is reasonably priced. The heaviness of this superior pad helps keep it in place, so you will enjoy sleeping in comfort.

Contact Bed World to order a topper that will easily fit on your bed. Our Memflex toppers include a complimentary memory foam pillow. We can deliver select sizes of our memory foam mattress pad topper the next day, so your evenings become more restful almost immediately.