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Guide to Ottoman Beds

In today's current climate buying a house with ample amounts of space is a lovely idea but generally all it is 'an idea.' What we are usually loaded with on the reverse is a beautiful house were by  space is at a premium and storage is a luxury.

These ottoman beds hold around 4 times the amount of storage space than a normal divan bed or if your like me even more as 2 of the drawers in my divan are against a wall and therefore are not really helping me when I need to grab that change of linen stored away as I have to move the great lump of heaviness to open the bloody thing.

If you saw the size of my little frame you'd understand why that in itself is an amusing little charade and really understand why I myself should purchase an Ottoman Bed. (Note to self. Buy Ottoman Bed ASAP!)

The Ottoman bed looks like a normal bed yet it holds a little secret called 'I'm hiding all your junk'.

Whether opening from the foot end or the side its an easy and accessible way to store away your winter clothes in the summer (although in the UK do we really get a summer?), bed linen, the kids toys or any unwanted clutter around the house.

Forget Note to Self, Note to you...Go buy yourself an Ottoman Bed and be a happy bunny with all the extra space you have created hiding all your extra bits and bobs!