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Divan Beds are a Popular Solution

Divan Beds are a Popular SolutionYou mightn't be overtly aware of your bed base, and think that a bed primarily consists of a mattress but you would be wrong!

And when choosing a bed to ideally match the style of your room, as well as provide supreme functionality, you are going to need to consider the bed base.

The most common bed base and a perfectly functional and affordable solution is a divan base, which itself is a blanket term to cover a variety of specific options.

For example, for those who want an additional layer of comfort beneath your mattress, you can't go wrong with a sprung edge mattress, which comes equipped with an in-built spring unit, essentially doubling the shock absorbing effect of your mattress.

Health Benefits of a Harder Bed

If you want the health benefits of a harder bed, or just want a more affordable solution, you really can't go wrong with solid divans, which are usually made from hardwood and lack an additional spring unit.

On the other hand, if you want the experience of something halfway between a sprung edge and solid divans, then a moderately springy bed such as a slatted divan is a great solution, being constructed out of slats of flexible soft woods.

Your bed-space shouldn't just serve your sleeping requirements, however, and it is easily possible to incorporate ingenious storage solutions into your divan bed. Briefly, these simple but effective storage solutions include drawer areas and sliding doors, giving access to the space underneath the bed.