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Childrens Beds Fun at Bed Time

Boys Football BedWhilst me and you sleep on a wooden, metal or leather bed the children of today get to ride the night in a Bat mobile or a princess's palace. Have you seriously seen the amount of choice the kids have these days? Its so extensive it's just quite simply not fair.

But forgetting the decorative side for the minute the children's beds of today are so well designed that they are compact (because as adults we have obviously taken the bigger room!) and have built in wardrobes, desks, drawers and even sofa beds for the little rascals friends.

The choice is quite simply endless catering for mums every need to hide the thousands of clothes, DVDs, CDs and all the rest within the bed itself whilst still keeping little Molly and Jack happy with their Princess and Soccer field beds.

Barbie, Action Man, Spider man and Wonder woman would all have loved to have had a bed in the shape of a space ship, horse and carriage or a race car but they just weren't lucky enough to be around live and kicking today to have one so instead they are stencilled on a great deal of children's beds.

Personally I don't believe it's for the child to love to look at but because the action figures are just happy to be associated with such fun creations.