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Childrens Beds: Bunk Bed Styles and Features

Bunk BedsKids bunk beds are ideal when multiple children need to sleep in a room that has insufficient floor space to fit enough beds. Bunk beds are also optimal when maximizing space in a vacation home.

Additionally, children bunk beds are perfect when you want an extra bed for occasional sleepovers and guests.

The most common type of bunk beds for children features two single beds on top of each other. However, it is also possible to find a children’s bunk bed that accommodates three children or a raised bed that only sleeps one.

General Features of Kids Bunks

Bunk beds usually have a ladder which allows a child to reach the top bunk. Ladders are usually straight or slanted and can often be mounted on either side of the bed. Some bunk bed ladders sit on the floor and others attach directly to the bunks without resting on the floor.

Kids Bunks: Bunk Bed Styles

Kids bunk beds are mostly made out of metal or wood. They are less likely to have decorative novelty accents, but some children may prefer a bunk bed that is a particular colour.

Children Bunks: Bunk Beds for Three

Children bunk beds, designed for three, require two children to share a lower bunk, which typically has a larger mattress. The bottom bunk sleeps two people and a single size bed is positioned above it.

Kids Bunks: Raised Children Bunk Beds for One

A raised children’s bed has similar features of a standard bunk bed because a child needs a ladder to reach the bed. A single child raised bunk maximizes space because the child can put a desk, shelving or other furniture underneath the bed.

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