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Big Brother's sleep Cougar

Thanks to this years Celebrity Big Brother a new phenomenon has been born. Enter 'sleep cougaring' Stephen Baldwin, wanted to switch beds so he would not have to sleep next to the new house mate Ivana Trump in fear of her night time sleep cougaring.

When researched a Sleep Cougar is described in the urban dictionary as "An older woman who frequents clubs in order to score with a much younger man.

The cougar can be anyone from an overly surgically altered wind tunnel victim, to an absolute sad and bloated old horn-Meister to a real hot-tie.

Cougars are gaining in popularity -- particularly the true hot-ties -- as young men find not only a sexual high, but many times a chick with her shit together."

Baldwin entered the diary room to explain his fear of the night terror he called sleep cougaring and explained it was a common illness in America.

The set up of the beds within the Big Brother House are under close proximity to each other and maybe this is what had Stephen a little worried. Easy access.

As a society it is maybe wise to now beware of the Sleep Cougar and sleep with one eye open!