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Bedworld Introduces New Luxury Mattress in Honour of The Queens Diamond Jubilee


Diamond mattress


Bedworld.net customers can expect to be treated like royalty this year, thanks to the introduction of the Diamond 3000 Pocket Spring mattress , a  luxury sleep system that will have you sleeping like a king – or queen. Bedworld.net developed the Diamond Pocket Spring mattress to mark the 2012 Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, and to honour that special occasion, Bedworld.net will be offering the new mattress at 50 percent savings.

The Diamond Pocket Spring mattress is one of the most sumptuous mattresses on the market today, featuring 3,000 individual pocket springs surrounded by the softest and most luxuriant padding materials. The unique construction of the Diamond means this mattress will respond to every movement you make, ensuring your sleep will be peacefully uninterrupted – and also guaranteeing you’ll wake in the morning feeling refreshed and energized.

Unlike average spring mattresses, which may have 1,000 springs or less, the new Diamond 3000 Pocket Spring mattress features at least three times that number, providing a sumptuous sleep experience unlike any other mattress. The Diamond Pocket Spring mattress also boasts a unique blend of the finest and softest fibres to ensure comfort and resilience, as well as natural air flow to allow for maximum comfort.

All of these features mean you can count on a good night’s sleep, one of the most important tools in managing the day-to-day responsibilities of today’s fast-paced world; in fact, scientific studies have shown that good sleep can improve attention and memory, help maintain optimal body weight, improve mood and decrease stress, and even help the body ward off illness and disease. And, Bedworld.net's 50 percent discount on the Diamond Pocket Spring mattress means everyone can enjoy the best night's sleep they've ever had.

Founded in 1999, Bedworld.net was the UK’s first online bed superstore, and the same attention to detail and unflagging customer support have helped it grow to become the leading online bed retailer in the country. To continue meet the needs of its new and loyal customers, Bedworld.net maintains a 20,000 square metre warehouse, stocked with literally thousands of products from top-name brands, including mattresses, bed frames, bedroom furniture, headboards and bedding. And, Bedworld.net offers next day delivery on all its in-stock products, as well as an additional discount on select purchases when a bed frame is included.

Visit Bedworld.net today to reserve your Diamond Pocket Spring Mattress, and start sleeping like royalty tomorrow.