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New Beds Planned in London Hotels for 2012 Olympic Games

London Olympics 2012


All eyes will be on London this summer for the 2012 Olympic Games. Many of the city's hotels and guest houses will be the temporary accommodations for spectators, journalists, coaches and athletes from all over the world. New beds will be purchased to impress guests and make their stay comfortable. Choosing the right number, size and style is critical when buying beds and bed frames.

One of the most important considerations for the guest house owner or hotel manager is how many beds to buy. Carefully measuring each room is a good start. What size beds to put in each room will dictate how many to purchase. King, queen and double beds can sleep one to two guests each. They are much wider than single-occupancy twin beds, creating a more luxurious and comfortable sleeping experience for guests.

Two to four guests to a room with queen or double bed frames is the industry standard. Decorating with twin or bunk beds bed frames is the clear choice when the goal is to fit more people in each room. Bunk beds bed frames accommodate twice as many people in the same amount of space as twin bed frames. Guests on a budget or teammates traveling together will appreciate fitting more people in fewer rooms to lower their expenses.

Mattress Firmness
The thickness and firmness of the mattresses will have a significant impact on comfort and restfulness while guests are sleeping. Firm mattresses are the most popular and are often recommended by medical professionals for those with back problems. Soft mattresses provide less back support.

Two popular types of bed styles for London hotels and guest houses are the double divan and the bedstead. The double divan has a mattress positioned on top of a thicker base. The bedstead is more traditional, featuring mattresses on bed frames with a number of strong slats for support. Price and personal preference are usually the biggest differences in which style to choose. Bed frames should be made of sturdy material. Brass, iron, wood and metal alloys are all popular choices. Headboards should match or coordinate well with the rest of the furniture in the room.

Using padding on mattresses is standard for any establishment with a variety of guests using the beds. A stain-proof material is preferred to help keep the mattress clean. Some businesses may prefer to use sealed plastic covers over the mattresses with soft padding on top for extra protection.

When buying new beds, it is important that sheets and blankets fit properly. The guest house owner or hotel manager should purchase several sets of new sheets and blankets for each new bed to give the room a feeling of freshness. Cotton sheets with a high thread count are more luxurious and will create a nicer experience for guests.

Most local hotels and guest houses are already booked for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Owners and managers hoping to create a positive impression with their international guests are buying new beds and bedding to create clean and comfortable rooms.