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Beds For Children

When the time comes to move your little one from their crib to a larger bed, it is always a bittersweet moment. You hate to see your baby grow up, but at the same time you are excited for them to have a brand new bed.

The current bed market is booming with new and innovative furniture pieces for children that will make the transition much easier.

beds for children

All types of beds for children

There are all types of beds for children on the market right now. For parents, it can be somewhat confusing to decide which is right for their child.

What you might not realize is that a toddler bed is usually a bed frame that looks similar to a twin size. However, it fit's a crib mattress instead of a twin mattress.

There are day beds that convert to a full sized bed later on when the child is older.


If your little one is starting to try and climb out of their crib, then it is definitely time to buy a different bed.

Keep in mind that a toddler is used to the "boxed in" feeling, meaning that they will still need some type of restriction on the sides to keep them from falling out of the bed.

Bed rails are a wonderful invention for parents, and they also make your child feel more safe when they are adjusting to the new bed. Many of the newer bed rails clip onto the box spring and slip right under the mattress to stay attached to the bed.

They easily come off when your toddler is ready to have the sides taken off.

There are many beds on the market right now that are deep enough from the mattress to top so that your child cannot fall out. If you have a little boy, a race car bed is a great bed to have because the sides are tall enough that they are protected in the middle of the night.

New Siblings

Another reason that you might be considering a new bed for your child could be because of a new addition to the family.

Many families find themselves looking for a new bed for their older child if they have a new baby arriving, and the toddler has to move from the crib to the older child's toddler bed.

This might be a somewhat difficult transition for the older child who is used to their toddler bed. However, the new and fun child beds that are available will put their mind at ease.

You can find a kid themed twin bed with almost any theme imaginable. Hit themes right now are sports, ballet, outer space, and cartoon characters.


The average weight that a toddler bed is said to hold is 50 pounds. Also, the age limit is usually around five years old. If your child has reached the pound maximum or the age limit, then this might be another reason to search for a new bed.

As mentioned earlier, they make day beds that can be converted into a full sized bed after the child is older. This will prevent you from having to buy a larger bed for your child later down the road, and they will be set for life.