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  • Re-enforced Bed Frames

    mesh-base mesh-base

    In today's market of leather, wooden and metal bed frames. Consumers often find sprung wooden slats no longer last a reasonable amount of time. The slats easily break and are constantly having to be replaced.

    Bedworld have introduced a fabulous selection of metal and wooden beds with re-enforced metal mesh bases. These re-enforced bases provide superior mattress support, last longer and best of all, make it easier to assembled your bed frame.

    Click here to take a look at the Bedworld collection of re-enforced metal mesh based beds.

  • Hypnos Mattresses The Most Comfortable Beds in The World

    The best purchase you will ever make is a luxury Hypnos pocket sprung mattress

    Here at Bedworld we rate Hypnos mattresses as one of the best sleep products made. For this reason and the huge demand for Hypnos beds we are now stocking the best selling hypnos mattresses for express delivery. No  more waiting 8 to 10 weeks for delivery, Plus it doesn't stop there we have 33% off the Hypnos RRP. If you are considering buying a good mattress online then the best option would be a Hypnos hand crafted pocket sprung mattress.

    Click Here to Buy hypnos mattresses online now at the cheapest prices in the UK

    or for those of you who prefer to try before you buy why not visit our Hypnos showroom at Bedworld Castleford we have a large selection to choose from.

    Hypnos mattress sale

    View the Hypnos Video

  • Best Advert Ever For Beds & Mattresses


    Here at Bedworld we've created a TV Advert and we think it's quite possibly the best ever when it comes to beds and mattresses. Continue reading

  • Unwrap One Of Our Exclusive Christmas Voucher Codes!

    Christmas Voucher Codes

    Save up to £30 this Christmas with an exclusive voucher code from Bedworld!

    Have you been meaning to replace that old mattress or bed but are scared away by huge high street prices? Why not invest in a new bed or mattress this Christmas? Here at Bedworld we stock a huge range of beds and mattresses, so we are sure to have the perfect product for you.
    As a special gift to our customers this Christmas, we are offering a £10 voucher for purchases over £299, a £20 voucher for orders over £499 and finally a massive £30 off orders over £699!
    Don't let this exclusive offer pass you by this Christmas!

  • Take A 360° Tour of Our Huge Showroom

    Bedworld Showroom: Massive Savings & 1000s Of Items In Stock!

    Take a stunning 360° tour of our huge showroom, with a fantastic selection of divan beds, wooden beds, metal beds, children's beds, bedroom furniture and much more! If you are looking for a new bed, mattress or bedroom furniture set, we are sure to have something that will suit all your requirements.

    Our In Store Ranges:


    We stock a beautiful selection of Hypnos Beds & Mattresses in store. With over 100 years of experience, Hypnos focus on the pursuit of perfection and the delivery of a deep, energising night's sleep. Hypnos proudly hold a Royal Seal of Approval, this is a mark of the best in British beds and ensures that each product is produced to the highest standard, with high quality materials and upholstery.

    Willis & Gambier

    With just under 25 years of experience, Willis & Gambier aim to produce beautifully designed furniture and bed frames, using only the highest quality materials. With a fantastic selection of ranges and styles, Willis & Gambier are sure to have the perfect piece of furniture or bed frame to suit your taste. We have a beautiful range of Willis & Gambier items in store to view today!


    Be part of the memory foam revolution with the fantastic Octaspring collection from Dormeo. Dormeo sets its-self apart from other competitors who use the traditional metal spring or memory foam construction, with an innovative memory foam spring system. This revolutionary method combines both systems to create a memory foam spring (Octaspring). This gives the advantages of both systems, without the drawbacks of spring pressure points and the lack of airflow in memory foam. We stock a selection of the best Dormeo mattresses, beds and pillows for you to test and experience in store.

    Divan Beds

    We stock a large collection of divan beds from the UK's leading brands, with a choice of pocket sprung divan beds, sprung divan beds, latex divan beds and memory foam divan beds all in store. With such an extensive collection, we are sure to have the perfect divan bed for all!

    Bed Frames

    We also stock a huge range of bed frames from the UK's leading brands. This includes wooden beds, metal beds, fabric beds, leather beds, ottoman beds, TV beds and much more. We have a large selection of bed frames in store to view today, ensuring we have the perfect bed for you!

    Bedroom Furniture

    Bedworld have an extensive collection of Bedroom Furniture items from the UK's leading brands. This includes wardrobes, chests of drawers, bedside cabinets, dressing tables and much more. Why not come and take a look at our large selection of Bedroom Furniture items in store to view today?


    We stock a beautiful selection of headboards from the world's leading brands, including wooden headboards, fabric headboards, leather headboards and metal headboards. Whether it be a funky modern or traditional, we are sure to have the perfect headboard to suit your taste.
    Our showroom is open for viewing - Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm and Saturday 9am - 4pm. Free on site parking is available to all customers.

  • Storage Beds

    kaydian Storage Bed


    We've decided to rename the ottoman bed 'The Blessing'. Our ottoman bed frames hold around 4 times the amount of storage space than a normal divan bed. The clever contraption looks like any regular bed yet holds a little secret called "I'm hiding all yo junk". Every house has those extra bed linens, mismatch towels, no place for the winter coats in summer and if you're super lucky a lilo or two because you live by the sea. The problem was, where do you store these things when they are not in use? But we found the perfect answer and it is now staring you right in the face thanks to us. You're welcome. The ottoman bed can open from the foot end or sides for easy accessibility and is available in many different decorative variations perfect for any bedroom. How cool is that?! Here's just a few of our favourites to help you along the way to a perfect sleep junk holding system...

    1) Wooden Bed with Storage Drawers
    2) Divan Base with Storage
    3) Ottoman Bed

  • Memory Foam Mattress Bliss With 1500 Pocket Springs

    Memflex Memory Foam Pocket 1500 Mattress

    Ever laid awake counting sheep? It’s horrible, isn’t it? Well it’s time to count the last lamb. The Memflex Memory foam sensation 1500 pocket spring  mattress is quite simply a ticket to the best nights sleep you’ll ever have and at a ridiculously low price. The piece of sleep perfection is handmade of individual springs that contour to the shape of your body with an added deep quilted top for extra comfort and support. After a long hard day with your boss from hell, take a nice relaxing bath, jump into some silk pj’s and drift off to the land of nod for 8 hours of much needed bliss. We promise that you’ll wake in the morning feeling rejuvenated and ready for another day after a night with our favorite friend Memflex. Memflex are the UK’s number one memory foam manufacturer. The memory foam is designed to naturally mould to your bodies contours and reduce pressure points while also aiding spinal support. We’d say that was a win all around!

    New Advancements in Mattresses Click on the image to take you to the Memory Sensation 1500 mattress
  • Hypnos Beds - Pocket Sprung Mattresses 5 Star Luxury

    Hypnos beds sleep in 5 star luxury

    Today marks the official end to your summer vacation and the return of the work day but the luxury hotel living does not have to end now. Here at Bedworld we firmly believe in the importance of an excellent nights sleep. One thing we look forward to on vacation (besides the sun, sand and lots of sangria) is the crisp white sheets adorning an exceptional bed that welcomes us with open arms for the 7-10 night stay. There is simply nothing quite like the perfect deluxe hotel bed.  Arriving home after vacation is always a drag but returning to your regular beaten bed is the worst so here at Bedworld we present to you Hypnos Divan Beds. A Hypnos bed will be your year round luxury 5 star hotel bed. Every Hypnos bed is carefully handmade to perfection. One of our favourites at Bedworld is the Hypnos President Divan Bed with an Ultra Sens 12 pocket spring system spread across its unique 3 tier configuration to provide seamless support and comfort. If a mattress is all you need to compliment your bed frame look no further than the Hypnos Pillow Top Sublime Mattress which features a unique ReActive 6 pocket spring system consisting of over 2000 individually nested pocket springs. WOW! All you need now is a high thread count sheet set and you're golden for a night in paradise.

  • Buying Beds - Bed Buying Guide

    Read our Bed Buyers Guide Now Read the best bed buyers guide


    Download the bed buying guide or click on the link above to read now

    Bedworld present the Sleep council bed buyers guide 2014.
    The bed buyers guide is a great source of information for everyone buying a new bed or mattress. This guide covers all the important facts about different types of beds that will help you make the right decisions when making your next bed purchase.

  • Willis & Gambier Furniture Now in Store

    Willis & Gambier Furniture Showroom - Well worth a visit & Best price guaranteed.

    If you are thinking of buying prestige Willis & Gambier furniture and want to see it first, why not travel to the Bedworld mega store in Yorkshire were you can view our huge range and be certain of a warm welcome and best prices guaranteed. We have lots of Willis & Gambier ranges to view like the fabulous French ivory collection, Antoinette, Bordeaux, Charlotte, Heirloom, Helena, Lille, Lyon, Maine, Milton and much more Willis & Gambier bedroom furniture.

    Willis Gambier Antoinette Furniture

    Antoinette Bed FrameAntoinette Bedside CabinetAntoinette 3 Drawer ChestAntoinette 6 Drawer ChestAntoinette 4+3 Drawer ChestAntoinette Double WardrobeAntoinette 3 Door WardrobeAntoinette Dressing TableAntoinette Bedroom ChairAntoinette Dressing Table StoolAntoinette Cheval MirrorAntoinette Gallery Mirror

    Continue reading

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