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  • Coming Soon Sealy Geltex Beds & Geltex Mattresses in Store Only


  • Memory Foam Mattress Bliss With 1500 Pocket Springs

    Memflex Memory Foam Pocket 1500 Mattress

    Ever laid awake counting sheep? It’s horrible, isn’t it? Well it’s time to count the last lamb. The Memflex Memory foam sensation 1500 pocket spring  mattress is quite simply a ticket to the best nights sleep you’ll ever have and at a ridiculously low price. The piece of sleep perfection is handmade of individual springs that contour to the shape of your body with an added deep quilted top for extra comfort and support. After a long hard day with your boss from hell, take a nice relaxing bath, jump into some silk pj’s and drift off to the land of nod for 8 hours of much needed bliss. We promise that you’ll wake in the morning feeling rejuvenated and ready for another day after a night with our favorite friend Memflex. Memflex are the UK’s number one memory foam manufacturer. The memory foam is designed to naturally mould to your bodies contours and reduce pressure points while also aiding spinal support. We’d say that was a win all around!

    New Advancements in Mattresses Click on the image to take you to the Memory Sensation 1500 mattress
  • Hypnos Beds - Pocket Sprung Mattresses 5 Star Luxury

    Hypnos beds sleep in 5 star luxury

    Today marks the official end to your summer vacation and the return of the work day but the luxury hotel living does not have to end now. Here at Bedworld we firmly believe in the importance of an excellent nights sleep. One thing we look forward to on vacation (besides the sun, sand and lots of sangria) is the crisp white sheets adorning an exceptional bed that welcomes us with open arms for the 7-10 night stay. There is simply nothing quite like the perfect deluxe hotel bed.  Arriving home after vacation is always a drag but returning to your regular beaten bed is the worst so here at Bedworld we present to you Hypnos Divan Beds. A Hypnos bed will be your year round luxury 5 star hotel bed. Every Hypnos bed is carefully handmade to perfection. One of our favourites at Bedworld is the Hypnos President Divan Bed with an Ultra Sens 12 pocket spring system spread across its unique 3 tier configuration to provide seamless support and comfort. If a mattress is all you need to compliment your bed frame look no further than the Hypnos Pillow Top Sublime Mattress which features a unique ReActive 6 pocket spring system consisting of over 2000 individually nested pocket springs. WOW! All you need now is a high thread count sheet set and you're golden for a night in paradise.

  • Buying Beds - Bed Buying Guide

    Read our Bed Buyers Guide Now Read the best bed buyers guide


    Download the bed buying guide or click on the link above to read now

    Bedworld present the Sleep council bed buyers guide 2014.
    The bed buyers guide is a great source of information for everyone buying a new bed or mattress. This guide covers all the important facts about different types of beds that will help you make the right decisions when making your next bed purchase.

  • Willis & Gambier Furniture Now in Store

    Willis & Gambier Furniture Showroom - Well worth a visit & Best price guaranteed.

    If you are thinking of buying prestige Willis & Gambier furniture and want to see it first, why not travel to the Bedworld mega store in Yorkshire were you can view our huge range and be certain of a warm welcome and best prices guaranteed. We have lots of Willis & Gambier ranges to view like the fabulous French ivory collection, Antoinette, Bordeaux, Charlotte, Heirloom, Helena, Lille, Lyon, Maine, Milton and much more Willis & Gambier bedroom furniture.

    Willis Gambier Antoinette Furniture

    Antoinette Bed FrameAntoinette Bedside CabinetAntoinette 3 Drawer ChestAntoinette 6 Drawer ChestAntoinette 4+3 Drawer ChestAntoinette Double WardrobeAntoinette 3 Door WardrobeAntoinette Dressing TableAntoinette Bedroom ChairAntoinette Dressing Table StoolAntoinette Cheval MirrorAntoinette Gallery Mirror
    The Antoinette is a French influenced collection with exquisite crafted curves and a subtle lacquer finish. Each item is beautifully crafted from solid Hevea wood, with Prima Vera veneers. This gives an elegant and timeless look that will instantly become the centre piece of any bedroom setting. A gently curved sleigh bed is complimented by a full range of matching bedroom furniture items.

    Willis Gambier Charlotte Furniture

    Charlotte Bed FrameCharlotte HeadboardCharlotte 1 Drawer BedsideCharlotte 3 Drawer ChestCharlotte 6 Drawer ChestCharlotte 8 Drawer ChestCharlotte Storage CabinetCharlotte Dressing TableCharlotte Bedroom Chair
    The Charlotte collection has been superbly crafted from the highest quality Chinese oak, with stunning oak veneers and a clear lacquer finish. This shows off a beautiful natural look, with elegant curves detailing and a French influenced design. The unique Charlotte bed frame is complimented to perfection with a full range of matching bedroom furniture items.

    Willis Gambier Heirloom Furniture

    Heirloom Bed FrameHeirloom Bedside CabinetHeirloom 4 Drawer ChestHeirloom 4+3 Drawer ChestHeirloom 2+2 Drawer ChestHeirloom 5 Drawer Narrow ChestHeirloom Double WardrobeHeirloom Triple WardrobeHeirloom Dressing TableHeirloom Dressing Table StoolHeirloom Dressing Table MirrorHeirloom Laundry Bin
    The Heirloom collection boasts a Georgian inspired look, with hand crafted Heavea timber and Prima Vera veneers. This look is completed to perfection with a rich mahogany finish and sun burst finials. A gothic looking bed frame is complimented by a vast range of matching bedroom furniture items.

    Willis Gambier Helena Furniture

    Helena Bed FrameHelena Bedside CabinetHelena 9 Drawer ChestHelena Double WardrobeHelena 3 Drawer ChestHelena 7 Drawer ChestHelena 5 Drawer Narrow ChestHelena Dressing TableHelena MirrorHelena Dressing Table StoolHelena Bench
    The Helena is a beautifully crafted collection with a solid Poplar construction and Poplar veneers. Each item is hand painted to perfection, with a natural lacquered finish. Stylish bowed fronts give an exquisite design touch to the collection, with contrasting drawer and door fronts giving a unique finishing touch. A beautifully upholstered bed frame is complimented by a large selection of matching bedroom furniture items.

    Willis Gambier Ivory Furniture

    Ivory Bed FrameIvory 2 Door WardrobeIvory 3 Drawer ChestIvory 6 Drawer ChestIvory 8 Drawer ChestIvory Bedroom ChairIvory 1 Drawer BedsideIvory Dressing TableIvory HeadboardIvory Dressing Table MirrorIvory Storage CabinetIvory 2 Door Wide Wardrobe
    The Ivory collection boasts an 18th century French influenced design, with sophisticated curves and mellow tones. A Solid Birch construction is complimented by Birch veneers and a  distressed paint finish. This is achieved through several layers of paint, giving a gently aged look in places.  An elegantly curved bed frame is complimented by a range of exquisite bedroom furniture items.

    Willis Gambier Lille Furniture

    Lille Wooden Bed FrameLille Tall 5 Drawer ChestLille 2 Door WardrobeLille 3 Drawer ChestLille 3+3 Drawer ChestLille Triple WardrobeLille Bedside CabinetLille Dressing TableLille Bedroom ChairLille Wooden HeadboardLille Gallery MirrorLille Storage Cabinet
    The Lille collection is constructed from a mixture of solid Alder wood and American Cherry veneers. This gives a beautiful French inspired design with a subtle clear lacquer finish. Graceful curves give a fantastic look the each piece, with rich wood tones ensuring a stand out look. A beautifully curved bed frame is complimented with other matching items.

    Willis Gambier Lyon Furniture

    Lyon Wooden Bed FrameLyon Triple WardrobeLyon Double WardrobeLyon 7 Drawer ChestLyon 4+2 Drawer ChestLyon 2+2 Drawer ChestLyon Bedside ChestLyon Dressing TableLyon Bedroom ChairLyon Dressing Table Stool  Lyon Cheval Mirror  Lyon Gallery Mirror
    The Lyon bedroom collection features a traditional French rustic design, with each piece delicately crafted from solid American white oak. Oak veneers give a golden tone to the collection, with a subtle lacquered finish. An elegantly curved bed frame is complimented by a stunning selection of matching bedroom furniture items.

    Willis Gambier Maine Furniture

    Maine Wooden Bed FrameMaine Triple WardrobeMaine 2 Door WardrobeMaine 6 Drawer ChestMaine 2+2 Drawer ChestMaine 4+3 Drawer ChestMaine 3+2 Drawer ChestMaine Dressing TableMaine 2 Drawer Bedside CabinetMaine Dressing Table MirrorMaine Dressing Table Stool
    The Maine is beautifully crafted collection with a solid Birch construction and Birch veneers. A gently distressed lacquer finish adds a touch of timeless elegance to each piece, with carved wooden detailing. A gently curved bed frame is complimented to perfection with a range of matching bedroom furniture items.

    Willis Gambier Milton Furniture

    Milton Wooden Bed FrameMilton Triple WardrobeMilton Double WardrobeMilton Bedside CabinetMilton 2+2 Drawer ChestMilton 6 Drawer ChestMilton 3+2 Drawer ChestMilton 7 Drawer ChestMilton Blanket BoxMilton Dressing TableMilton Wooden HeadboardMilton Dressing Table StoolMilton Wall MirrorMilton Dressing Table Mirror

    The Milton is a traditional collection with a contemporary twist. Each piece is beautifully crafted from the highest quality oak, with a gently painted finish. Polished chrome handles give a superb contrasting modern look, with oak inserts giving a fantastic finishing touch. A simple yet stunning bed frame is complimented with a range of other items.

  • Millbrook Beds & Millbrook Mattresses For Sale- Bedworld official Online & instore Partner

    Millbrook Divan Beds
    Millbrook and made pocket sprung beds

    Millbrook Beds

    Bedworld are proud to become the official online & in-store retail partner for Millbrook beds & Millbrook mattresses.
    View our Royal range of handmade Millbrook mattresses from 1400 pocket springs to 2000, 2500 & 3000 pocket springs with hand side stitched borders available at the lowest price and free next day delivery.

    5 Star Partner Bedworld Millbrook 5 Star Partner

  • New Chiropractor Beds & Mattresses To Help Back Pain

    Millions of people in the UK suffer with back problems and need a bed that will support them correctly while asleep. Bedworld are proud to present our new Chiropractor endorsed beds and mattresses that will help support your spine neck and shoulders helping to relief back pain.

    The new King Koil Chiropractor beds have unique spring system preventing roll together with extra firm support bars situated deep inside the middle section of the mattress giving your spine extra support and correct alignment. The sides of the  chiropractor mattress have unique scissor hinges that re-enforces and strengthens the edge of the mattress so it will not collapse and offers extra  luxury support for your back.

    Try the new Chiropractor beds in store or buy online.

    Chiropractor Endorsed Orthopaedic Beds

  • Beds and Mattresses Voucher Codes


    Fantastic Savings with Voucher Codes BED015 or BED030 or BED040

    Bedworld are proud to offer voucher codes to all our customers. The voucher codes can be used towards purchases on our online bed shop. When you are in the Bedworld basket, simply enter one of our bed mattress voucher codes which will automatically deduct voucher discount off your total order.  The codes can be used on all items on Bedworld including our great selection of beds, mattresses and bedroom furniture. So go on, treat yourself and have a reward from us.

  • Hypnos - The Most Comfortable Beds In The World

    We at Bedworld are proud to announce of our partnership with Hypnos Beds.

    Hypnos beds are designed to immediately recognise your body’s unique imprint, providing pressure relief, comfort and support exactly where you need it. Each Hypnos bed is a made to measure bespoke creation with hand crafted detailing, each bed could be considered... a masterpiece.

    Hypnos is the only luxury bed company to actively supply the British Royal Family, the Royal Household and all the palaces. A Royal Warrant from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II provides Hypnos with a ‘mark’ of excellence and reinforces Hypnos’ reputation for the very best of British quality.

    Hypnos have taken an extra step ahead of the market by introducing the revolutionary hideaway divan!

    The Hideaway divan offers a significant increase in storage capacity when compared to a traditional drawer divan. The Hideaway divan has enough space to store all your suitcases, boxes, clothing, towels, personal items and much much more. Stylish fabric valences cover the storage area, these are tailored to perfection with attractive detailing.

    Another stand out product from the Hypnos range, would be the superb bedstead pocket 1 mattress.


    The bedstead pocket 1 offers supreme comfort and support for your whole body, with polywool, polyester and eOlus fillings. If you are looking for a firm mattress, with a supportive pocket spring system. Look no further than the Bedstead pocket collection.

    Finally, we are proud to present the Orthos Silk Mattress.


    This revolutionary mattress offers full body support, with a unique ReActive 8 pocket spring system. Each spring within this system individually senses your bodies shape and weight, helping to provide even weight distribution throughout the entire mattress surface for a comfier nights sleep. Luxurious fillings including wool, silk and eOlus, with a silver infused Belgian Damask cover completing this unique mattress to perfection.

    View our extensive range of Hypnos Beds, Mattresses & Headboards

    Sleep on one of the most comfortable beds in the world with Hypnos and Bedworld!

  • Bedworld New Showroom

    Ground floor bed showroom Our divan beds are so comfy





    New Bedworld Mega Showroom Now open

    Bedworld are proud to introduce our brand new bed showroom. If you're looking for a new bed, mattress or bedroom furniture set, we are guaranteed to have something to suit all your requirements.

    All our beds and mattresses on show are available to lay on. we understand that some people may want to try before they buy, so we encourage you to come and put your feet up to ensure you are buying something which is perfect for you.

    We strive to offer a huge selection of choice, which is why we have 100s of items on show ranging in type, price and quality. we have teamed up with some of the UK's leading suppliers to bring you some of the latest trends and technology in the world of beds.









    Our new showroom has two floors packed with beds mattresses and bedroom furniture. Recently we have introduced the full range of Alstons sofa beds with over 200 different fabrics to choose from.

    Regardless of were you live in the UK why not visit the new Bedworld showroom in Castleford you are sure to receive a great welcome and speak to people who really know about beds.

    We look forward to seeing you.

    The Bedworld Team.

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