Guest Beds

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Guest Beds Next Day Delivery

Here at Bedworld we have been supplying the UK with the highest quality guest beds since 1999. Our extensive range of Guest Beds provide luxurious comfort and are fantastic for use when unexpected guests arrive.

Our Guest Beds come in a range of constructions such as Metal, Leather, Divan and Wooden. Most of our Guest Beds are supplied with an under-bed trundle, this can be quickly assembled upon requirement.

Metal Guest Beds are generally constructed of a solid metal outer frame with wooden sprung slats providing superb mattress support and ventilation. These are the perfect frame if you are looking for a sturdy and long lasting bed that will withstand years of guest use.

Wooden guest beds have sturdy constructions and come in a range of finishes including pine, oak, beech, white and more. These beds will last for years and are perfect for withstanding guest use. Most wooden beds within this category simply slide underneath an already built frame and are constructed with a sprung slatted base for superb mattress ventilation and support.

Leather Guest Beds are mostly constructed of faux leather, although this leather is not real, its look and feel has been convincing users otherwise for years. A large selection of beds within this category come with an included under bed trundle, this can be simply pulled out and raised up to the same height as the main bed frame.

Divan guest beds consist of a wooden frame which is surrounded by luxurious fabric, these are perfect for guests who require exquisite comfort when sleeping and can be transformed into a double sized bed in seconds with the underbed trundle. Twin wheel casters allow easy movement of our divans.

A large selection of our guest beds are available for free next day delivery, this eases your mind if you have unexpected guests arrivals announced within days!