About Us

Bedworld understand the importance of a great night's sleep and due to this have become one of the UK's leading on-line retailers for beds, mattresses and bedroom furniture. Bedworld's vision and dedication to the bed industry has helped to achieve such an acclaimed success and has benefited millions of customers to a perfect nights sleep.

In 1988 Nigel Cairns became the founder of Bedworld and opened his first store Gold Star Carpets, Beds and Furnishing in Leeds. Due to his passion for the furniture industry the store was a success and enabled him to open his first bed superstore called Bedworld in 1989. Over the next five years Bedworld expanded to other locations across the UK and gained the reputation for supplying brand named beds and mattresses at unbeatable prices yet still providing an excellent service. Having multiple stores on the high street Bedworld decided to expand to a broader market.

In 1998 at the height of the .com boom, Nigel was convinced that the best way for growth was to expand the business by investing in new technology and convinced his team to venture into the world of the Internet. At this early stage in the on-line selling game the websites were only selling products such as holidays and perfumes, the realm of selling beds had not yet been conquered? Nigel and his team were about to conquer this in a massive way and began paving the way for furniture companies nationally to sell on-line to the masses.

In 1999 Bedworld.net was launched and was the first on line bed superstore in the UK. Astonishingly the first order Bedworld.net received was from a gentleman in Kuala Lumpur who ordered two beds to be delivered to his apartment in central London. This was to be a landmark in the world of on-line bed sales for Bedworld and there was only one-way forward onwards and upwards.

In a short space of time Bedworld.net had grown into a multimillion-pound company and the UK's number one on-line bed retailer. This was recognised by the entire bed industry.

By 2002 Bedworld had now outgrown all its premises and invested in a purpose built office complex and a 20,000 square metre warehouse to cope with the incredible increase in business. This increase of space and incline in business enabled Bedworld to stay in the forefront of on-line bed retailing.

At present it is obvious that the growth and achievements that Bedworld have attained are unprecedented. The website itself now receives over 1.5 million hits per day and continues to grow as the UK's number one on-line retailer of beds. Since the launch in 1999 Bedworld.net have pioneered many innovative programs such as mattress next day and bed next day. Services like these are what the modern bed retailer has to offer and customers now no longer have to wait weeks to receive their furniture but just simply click and receive within 24 hours as Bedworld.net deliver nationwide the very next day.

Through the years Bedworld have and continue to strive to bring the consumer the best product at the lowest price all whilst ensuring that the customer is satisfied with an excellent delivery service. Customer satisfaction is paramount and head of priorities at Bedworld.